Professional video production

Inspire, inform and entertain your students with an online course!

We are incredibly detail-oriented and super responsive to your evolving needs. In our film making process, we blend creativity and strategy to drive growth for your business. If you're looking for a high quality video production to present your unique skills to the world, you've found the right people to film your online courses.


  • 3-hour course
  • Bundle of 15 marketing videos
  • Set of professional photos

We create video courses that make people the rulers of their niche. Our process involves taking care of all filming and production work from day one to handing you the final product.

Whether you’re new in the online education field and looking to expand your reach, or an already established brand just wanting to do things differently, we're here to partner up with you!

Video - step by step

Intro with the Director

Share your ideas, aspirations, and expectations with the director and he will tell you how we're going to make it happen together!

A custom course development

We will get back to you with the whole course structure and strategy. You can give us your comments and we will work your additions in (2 iterations).

Review of the course script

All adjustments have been done and the script is final and approved.

Scripting lessons and marketing videos

We will create scripts for each and every lesson and marketing video separately.

Moodboards & design setting

In this part, we're working on setting the right mood and design for your videos based on the style and purpose of your course.

Dates locking

We can finally move on to the actual filming process, woo! Synchronizing our schedules and locking the dates is necessary so we can make the magic happen.


Don't worry, we've got this covered for you, just sit back and relax.

Actual filming

About 10 days are needed for the completion of this step
1 day is the fly-in day
1 day is for meeting up with with the producer and director
1 day is booked for a photo session
1 day is a Film day 1
1 day is a Film day 2
1 day is a Film day 3
1 day is an extra Film day for additional edits / rest day
1 day is for a dinner with the producer and director
1 day is the fly-out day


2 iterations for each video
Color grading
Sound mix
Motion graphics

Exports and uploads

We will give you the final products and place them on your platform.


We guarantee 3 years of storing course backups on our servers.

Review Session

Your feedback is very important to us! Although we are making sure you’re happy throughout the whole process, we would like to hear all your thoughts when we're done filming your course.