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Who we worked with

Alan Beak

A 34-year-old qualified forward-looking Barber from Manchester, UK. He has been working in a barbershop for over 22 years and cutting hair for the last 13.


A very busy successful barber who travels the world to give amazing workshops. He did hair for Drake, Big Sean, or J. Balvin. He is also a well-known designer and a fashion icon from Canada.

Julius Cvesar

A world-class barber with over 15 years of experience. His work was published in numerous magazines, including American Salon, US Salon, or Barbe EVO.

Courses we made

Substance vs. Structure

by Alan Beak

Learn the science of giving a legendary haircut yet keeping the traditional service. Because being a barber is more than just a haircut! The substance is what we do ... And the structure is how we do it!

Barbering essentials

by Julius Cvesar

In this course, you'll see how one of the top world barbers with more than 15 years of experience, Julius Cvesar, gets it done. You can learn his priceless techniques and make another step towards being a professional barber yourself.

Fundamentals of fading

by Thaddeus

Have you always wanted to learn the perfect fade? The best way of advancing your barber skills is by watching Thaddeus' online course. He’s sharing his GFR method so you can be unstoppable once you adopt these superb fading skills!

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Full Service

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